Becoming a better tutor: Part 2 – Getting more students!


You’ve gotten to grips with tutoring. Your students are happy, and they are progressing nicely throughout their syllabus. But, your wallet is still a bit light. The bills aren’t really going away, you’ve got to scrounge up a few hundred extra for your textbooks next semester, and you still want to go to Bali at the end of the year. You’d like to make this a part-time job, so you decide to get a few more students… but how? Your TeachPad profile has been up there for a while, and it’s starting to collect dust. You realize that you’ve achieved only a bit more from the time you made your profile to the present moment.

In this article, we’ll go through a few basic and more advanced ways to find a few more students and to truly professionalize your tuition services.


Updating your profile

This seems super basic, but it’s something a lot of tutors always neglect. If your students have achieved something remarkable due to you, tell everyone! You have the right to take pride in those achievements. If you’ve graduated degrees, aced a course at Uni, or your student has snagged Dux at his school, it’s important to make sure all potential clients know!

Use conventional methods

Again, something really basic that you almost never see done. You’ll be surprised how many people still read school and community notice-boards. Make an advertisement with pull-tabs at the bottom, and put a nice photo of yourself, a short list of your achievements, and a link to your TeachPad profile. This way, you don’t have to force interested students to read your life story whilst still giving the option to grab all your info if they want to. Drop these off at local cafés, stick them to notice-boards and lighting near schools. Use punchy headings, and exciting pictures to really grab parents’ attention.

Leverage word-of-mouth and social media

This is probably the easiest one to talk about and the hardest one to do. Set up your own social media page, ‘John’s Tuition’, and make sure your students follow it. After a while, if their parents have friends who are looking for a tutor, it makes it really easy for them to simply share the page to them over Facebook. Alternatively, give something to your students that they can share around. This is more applicable for older students in Year 11 and 12. That might be a worked past-paper, or offer free essay marking. Something like this is an easy catch, and get really net you a few students if your student is willing to share it around.

Offer value to potential students

There’s nothing quite like results to secure a new student. Give your potential students the statistics that you’ve achieved. Show them how much you can improve their mark, or how much better they can be at school. Give them a free essay marking, a free lesson, offer up a free model answer, or anything else you can think of. Just give them a big incentive to take the first step, and then make sure you keep offering value on every step.


These are just some basic tools to use to increase your student numbers; keep working at it, and it’ll grow bigger. Try and use these tips, if any of them helped out, leave a comment!

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